Review: Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711


In the luxury watch space, there are a handful of models that can truly claim iconic status – and the Patek Philippe Nautilus is undoubtedly one of them. Launched by Patek Philippe in 1976, the Gerald Genta-designed Nautilus has gone from an anomaly in the brand’s catalog to its most coveted model. The current Patek Philippe Nautilus collection encompasses several models (including Nautilus 5711), ranging from simple time/date editions to high complication versions.

Nautilus 5711:

Patek unveiled the Nautilus 5711, available in steel and rose gold, in 2006 to celebrate the collection’s 30th anniversary. As a full stainless steel model with a time and date window, the Nautilus 5711 is the closest contemporary version of the original reference. It is also the most popular Nautilus model and often considered to be the hottest luxury watch in today’s market. There are two models of Nautilus, 5711/1A and 5711/1R. To get your hands on either one of them requires waiting for years. However, you can have your hands on the coveted Nautilus in the secondary market.


The Nautilus 5711 features a 40mm case (around 8.3mm thick) that is water-resistant to 120 meters. In true Nautilus fashion, the ref. 5711 is paired with an integrated bracelet, equipped with a fold-over clasp. The steel 5711/1A comes with a choice of a blue dial or a white dial while the rose gold 5711/1R includes a chocolate brown dial, all complete with horizontal embossing.

The sapphire caseback of the Nautilus 5711 permits a view of the in-house Caliber 26-330 S C automatic mechanical movement, which supplies the watch with 35 to 45 hours of power reserve.


Thanks to its simple design, this stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus Date/Sweep Seconds timepiece embodies class and understated elegance.

This minimalist watch features a silvery-white dial which complements its 40mm stainless steel case and bracelet. It runs on the self-winding mechanical movement calibre 26-330 SC, which provides a 45-hour power reserve. Furnished with a sweep second hand, this watch flaunts a smooth and delicate movement that would captivate any watch enthusiast.

Overall, with ingeniousness and simplicity, this is an unpretentious watch that offers sleek functionality with a touch of sophistication.


With its 40mm rose gold case and a matching bracelet, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R spells luxury. A nice accessory to a suit or tuxedo, the watch has a dark-brown minimalist dial displaying gold-applied hour markers with luminescent coating and indexes. The only other feature adorning the dial is a small window peeking at 3 o’clock.

Running on the self-winding mechanical Calibre 26‑330 S C movement, the elegant watch boasts a maximum of 45 hours of power reserve. At only 8.3mm thickness, the watch fits right under a dress shirt of your suit for any formal affairs or sit-down dinners.

What makes Nautilus 5711 so special:

  • Heritage:

Inventing some of the most impressive complications ever found in a timepiece, Patek Philippe has no equal when it comes to engineering virtuosity. Founded in 1839, and a continuous concern ever since, it has been under the sole control of the Stern family since 1932; now in its fourth generation, they are the last of the family-owned Genevan watchmakers, completely independent of the whims of shareholders and with more than 80 years of consistency in both philosophy and quality.

  • Innovation:

The originator of the perpetual calendar, which automatically adjusts to compensate for leap years as well as the different number of days in a month, the brand also pioneered the minute repeater, split-second hand and the chronograph.

  • Rarity:

Rolex famously make 1,000,000 watches a year. Patek famously have made 1,000,000 watches since 1839. The production process at their Plan-les-Ouates manufacture in Geneva is so intensely detailed that even the simplest models bearing their name take upwards of nine months each to complete.

  • Finesse and Quality:

The quality and attention to detail that is poured into every Patek Philippe watch that leaves the factory is peerless. Their cases are still made using traditional processes dating back to the 19th century, expertise which has been passed down through generations.

Their movements, like every element of every watch, are all crafted in-house, hand-assembled, and go through a level of finishing and ornamentation unlike any other. Every plate and bridge in a Patek caliber is beveled on the internal and external edges and the tops are brushed and decorated.

The dials alone can take between four and six months to complete, going through up to 200 separate procedures.

Piece of investment:

There aren’t many, but there are a couple of names in watch collecting that are as near a ‘sure thing’ investment-wise as you can get, and Patek Philippe is one of them.

A direct by-product of their incredibly high-quality manufacture, coupled with their extreme scarcity, means they have always enjoyed an excellent resale value.

In recent years, prices for vintage, and not particularly old vintage, models have exploded. If you had treated yourself to one of the original Nautilus range in the 1970s, for instance, you would have seen your $3,000 outlay worth more than $50,000 today.

Sell your Nautilus 5711:

Nautilus is particularly hard to get your hands on and it doesn’t matter who you are. It adds to their exclusivity and makes this watch an even more prized possession if you can get your hands on one. 5711 Patek Philippe Nautilus watches on the secondary market – those that are available for immediate purchase – sell for between 100% to 200% above their original retail price, with certain examples pushing the six-figure mark.

In February 2020, Patek Philippe announced it had discontinued the Nautilus ref. 5711/1A-010 – a watch that was rumored to have up to 10-year waitlist.

As expected, demand for this unobtainable Patek watch sky-rocketed and prices have soared. While the last published retail price of the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-010 was $33,710 it is not uncommon to find them on the pre-owned market selling for well beyond six figures.

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