Is it Safe to Sell my Diamond Ring online?


The allure of diamonds can be difficult to ignore by anyone on earth. Whether in a cluster of sharply cut diamond sets, a glistening pair of diamond earrings or a lovely diamond engagement ring – in whatever form, they do take one’s breath away. There is a huge growing resale market for diamonds where you can sell your diamonds for a fair market price. Perhaps after a divorce or a break up, that diamond ring may not have the same value and sparkle in your life. You may want to upgrade your jewellery box and want to sell the diamond rings that you no longer wear. Or you may just want more cash which is perfectly normal. Selling your diamonds can be a trouble-some process, you need to ensure that you use a safe, secure and an efficient process. You have multiple avenues to sell your diamond rings. Here we will help guide you in making the best decision for selling your diamond rings.

Options for selling diamond rings:

  • Pawn shops
  • Private buyers
  • Auction Houses
  • Online expert diamond buyers


Pawn shops:

The local pawn shops might be quick in buying your diamond rings. But keep in mind pawn shops usually do not have gemmologists to determine true value of your diamonds. The price that they give could be far lower than what your luxury diamond rings deserve.

Auction Houses: 

These are the traditional places where our parents and grand-parents usually sold their luxurious jewellery. Unlike pawn brokers, auction houses do hire teams of experts to accurately value the jewellery but unfortunately, no one has time to wait for an auction to be held. In addition to that, there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell off your diamond ring. Even if it sells, the auction house will deduct a certain percentage as fee for its services.

Private Buyers:

With the proliferation of social media and online sites, like eBay and Craigslist, buying and selling of not only jewellery but almost everything has become more convenient and easier. But these general sales websites are not known for buying or selling expensive jewellery, so the customer base will always be very small. Also, safety from scams at these platforms when selling original and expensive jewellery is what deters many sellers. Another reason for not selling at these online platforms is that you will be selling your diamond ring on your own, that way you might not have access to a fair valuation for your jewellery. There are countless people who would just feign interest in your diamonds without ever intending to buy them. There could be long wait periods, maybe weeks, months or more than that, to seal a deal with a buyer. Even then quick transfer of money is not guaranteed. Most importantly, these sites are a playground for potential scammers who could rob you of your valuables.

Online expert diamond buyers:

Selling your diamond rings to expert online buyers, such as Lux Merchant, at the best prices is the safest and most convenient method. They have a team of in-house GIA trained gemmologists that examine your diamond ring and then give you an accurate value for it. With their in-depth knowledge of the second-hand diamond ring market and global connections, they will provide you with honest and competitive offers. Moreover, this is the marketplace with a large customer base for the interested buyers and sellers of diamonds. With several testimonials from customers and A+ rating, you can sell your diamond rings at any time with guaranteed cash or online transfer within 24 hours.

Safe process of selling your diamond rings online:

Lux Merchant is the right place for you if you are thinking of selling your diamond rings for cash as they offer the safest and most transparent process. First, you have to fill in an online form valuation. Then you will receive an initial price quote by phone or email. If you agree with the price quote, you will have to send in your diamond ring with our fully insured and trackable shipping service. Our in-house gemmologists will examine your diamonds and then give you an accurate price quote for it. If you accept the price, we will buy your diamond ring immediately and send you the payment at the same time. The entire process takes less than 24 hours and is free from hidden charges.

Things to keep in mind before selling your diamond rings online:

  • Know your diamond’s worth by having knowledge about its cut, colour, clarity and weight.
  • Know your diamond’s worth by having knowledge about ring’s metal (for example white gold, rose gold etc), any stones in it, and the setting type (for example whether it is halo, pave, solitaire).
  • Keeping your diamonds clean as the layer of dirt and grime could lower its value.
  • Knowing about the reputation of online buyers by looking at reviews, certifications and asking questions.

Safe to sell Online?

Yes, selling your diamond ring online can is entirely safe as long as you work with a reputable business with a transparent selling process, excellent online reviews.

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