Top 5 Cartier Jewellery Pieces 2021


Cartier remain one of the biggest Jewellery brands in the world right now, arguably the biggest – with good reason too. The craftsmanship and design of their pieces remain elegant and unique ever since the brand was established back in 1847. These features as well as many other factors have earnt them a prestigious status and endorsements from countless celebrities.

5. Amulette de Cartier

This collection consists of bracelets, necklaces and earrings and it debuted as early as 2014. The fact that it is a fairly new collection adds to its desirability. Inspired by lucky charms and talismans, Cartier describe the series as a ‘dream catcher for one’s innermost wishes.’ They use elegant gemstones such as mother of pearl, onyx, lapis lazuli, malachite and others. This helps Cartier to achieve the aesthetic they want making them more desirable. In terms of resale, these pieces hold up to 93% of its retail value on average which is very impressive.

4. Panthere de Cartier

This piece was originally inspired by a painting commissioned by Louis Cartier himself. The image detailed a woman wearing a long necklace with a panther at her feet. Experts say during this time the panther was seen as the embodiment of femininity which was definitely the idea behind the collection. It wasn’t until Cartier employed Jean Toussaint, nicknamed ‘La Panthere’, in the creative team that the symbol of the Panther began to really take shape. 1935 signifies the year Cartier released its first piece of Panthere jewellery, featured in a gold and enamel ring. From then on, the emblem of the panther and its association with Cartier jewellery only increased as did the collections popularity – the Duchess of Windsor sporting Panthere de Cartier jewellery.  This collection holds up to 89% of its retail value on average.

3. Trinity de Cartier

This piece has 3 interconnecting rings each representing different stages of a romantic relationship, hence the title Trinity. The collection debuted in 1924 when a close friend of Louis Cartier, Jean Cocteau, designed the 3 ring concept. The idea was completely unique and with a theme of love and relationships, it makes it so the collection will always be relevant which helps explain its popularity today. At the beginning this collection only consisted of rings but has since expanded and now includes necklaces’, earrings, cufflinks and more. The Trinity de Cartier are very high in demand and seem to grow more and more popular as time goes on. They hold an average resale of up to 82% of its retail value although it will depend on the specific model, some significantly higher than others.

2. Cartier LOVE

 This collection, created in 1969, is very popular amongst celebrities and influencers alike; it’s main piece is the Cartier LOVE Bracelet. Aldo Cipullo can be accredited for the wondrous design that is the Cartier LOVE Bracelet. Funnily enough, it was designed to resemble a medieval chastity belt but the main idea being an everlasting symbol of love. The bracelet was made to be worn by both genders, celebrating their coupling. It was said that the bracelet was so popular in some places that hospitals would have the screwdriver that accompanied the bracelet handy in case it needed removing for any reason. Cartier would gift this bracelet to well-known couples, making it clear that the message behind the item is one of partnership and solidarity.

1. Cartier Juste un Clou Bracelet

This bracelet was also created by the Italian designer Aldo Cipullo in 1971. Incredible, the design is based on a nail which is further evidenced by the name which translates to ‘just a nail’. The design was also influenced by the Cartier LOVE bracelet and the concept of using a screwdriver to open the bracelet, hence the Juste un Clou’s resemblance to a screw. It’s relaunch in 2012 helped garner more attention for the already prestigious collection. It’s a piece that can be worn for any occasion, its sleek and satisfying look is very easy on the eye. Amazingly, this bracelet holds an average resale value of up to 97% of its retail value.

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